Codeigniter Home Page

So I am failing on this blogging thing right? it's not an excuse but I have been incredibly busy with Create DM work and that takes precedence I am afraid.

Anyway enough excuses… a couple of things have happened in the past couple of months and the biggest being that I am 90% of the way from adopting CodeIgniter and if you don't know what this is then let me explain a little further.

Developers in general like a well formed and thought out framework and CodeIgniter is indeed one of these. It has an incredibly small footprint, is widely written about and incredibly easy to implement. But even better is the documentation which comes as part of the sub 5MB package, this has to be some of the best most complete docs I have ever worked with and they really do show you how to anything in CI!

And there it is from a dev point of view, can't talk about what I am using CI for yet but as soon as I am able too I will (promise).

What else?? ok so I have been forging my path in the crusade to convert the blogging world to Ghost by creating a new complete site for Katy @ Poppy Creek Farm I am using a Bitnami AMI here and still I am really super impressed by the simplicity and ease of use of Ghost and I am convinced that is the way forward!

Emma and I have taken the decision after a year of living in Tunbridge wells to move back to Rye, this hasn't been an easy decision to make however we know its for the best and are now looking forward to being back with friends and family.

And other than the atrocious weather we have been having we are all in good spirits and life is good if not a little damp!

Thats all for now more to follow soon(ish)