Apple Watch

Ok I am one of the lucky ones, I managed to get an Apple Watch on the first day of shipment and it seems that I am the only one, or to put it another way I have had the immortal question stream…

"Is that the iWatch?, is it good?, Does the battery last long?, what is it for?"

So answer to question one, NO it's an Apple Watch. If you were genuinely interested you would at least know the name right?

Answer to question two, the only way to answer this is with a question, are you asking my opinion or perhaps looking for a subjective review? It should be obvious that because I am wearing one that I think it is good and furthermore the fact that Apple sold out of their pre-manufactured stock within the first hour of pre- orders should tell you that others think the same way. So yes it is good.

Battery. The battery lasts as long as it lasts I get a full day and often more from it but to be honest I take it off when I go to bed and place it on its charger and so it has not been a problem, I would imagine that most people do this so the reports of bad battery would most likely be coming from reviewers not using it in "real world" tests.

Well firstly telling time, it's a watch!?! And whilst yes I count my self as one of the Apple faithful and love nothing more than bringing non Apple users over to the Eco system I am not paid to advertise Apple products, really if you want to know more about the Apple Watch go to and let the clever people there take you through it or even better still go to a store and play with one and talk to an excellent Apple Retail employee and they will be much better at helping you with your questions than I.

Having said all of that, thanks for taking interest and saying hello to me and yes, my Apple Watch is quickly becoming one of the best Apple devices I have owned in a long while.