Jenson & 2015

So the world championship is over and for all F1 fans there is that usual end of season feeling of a void, but this year is certainly a little different especially for McLaren and moreover Jenson Button Fans.

It is normal for the teams in formula 1 to annouce their driver lineups a couple of races towards the end of the season and this season was no different. Except for McLaren.

With the return of Ron Dennis to the head of the F1 team it seems that indecision and in-fighting has returned to the team and with the rumored return to McLaren of Fernado Alonso it looks as if the team are trying to return to the magic of the glory days with Honda, the new engine partner for 2015.

With this lack of annoucement from McLaren it leaves us fans wondering where Jenson fits into the big picture.

Having been in F1 for such a long time the world champion maybe nearing the end of his career but certainly does not look ready to step away just yet.

In my opinion McLaren have a fantastic opportunity to run two world class experience pilots in 2015 and get a jump start on the development process that can be so tricky to get right. In addition Jenson has strong ties to Japan and I am sure that this will add a great deal of comfort to Honda from a marketing standpoint.

As with all of these things we can only wait and see but it would be awesome to see Jenson in a Honda again and to be at McLaren for a bit longer.

Jenson in Malaysia