Windows 10

Windows 10 is here! well the Tech Preview is anyway, now I don't use Windows very often in fact it is usually only to test IE compatibility of web apps that I am making but as a geek I thought I would try and take a look.

Firstly signing up to the Windows Insider Program is required which is fair enough as Microsoft are giving anyone access to the preview and so it is only fair that you give them some details. (I use my email for such occasions) - Sign up at

Once you have installed the software, which as any OS installation will take a little while (I installed mine in to a VMWare fusion instance), you will marvel at the new look Windows. Well I say new look, but what I mean is, you know… slightly different from Windows 8.1

Ok thats not fair, the Redmond crew have obviously spent a long time on this release and it shows even in the Tech Preview I have. Some really great things about this release are straight out of Apple’s playbook.

In OS X 10.5 (Leopard) we were introduced to super charged multi tasking with ’Spaces’ multiple desktops one computer. Now this wasn’t new in fact there were Linux distros doing this way before OS X started it but as it was being introduced by Apple it just felt polished, and I have been using it ever since. I love it.

Now Windows 10 has it, its only taken them 8 years to catch on to the idea.

And this is my gripe really, big corporations with the history that Microsoft has and the resources should be innovating not imitating, there are some very cleve people at Microsoft and I am sure that they have some fantastic ideas but it seems that the creative thinking has been stifled somewhat.

When Microsoft introduced what they were calling at the time the Metro interface I was excited to see something new despite the complete lack of understanding how users interact with Windows it seems.

I am not saying we should innovate for innovation sake but it shows a lack of imagination when features appear in software which have been done and done better before in other platforms.

Some of the elements in Windows 10 that are already in OS X

Windows 10 Feature Apple OS X Feature
Cortana Siri
Multi Desktop Spaces
One Drive Sync iCloud
Task bar Search Spotlight
Full Screen Start Menu Launchpad
Action Bar Notification Center
Messaging / Skype iMessage
Mirror Cast AirPlay

* Image courtesy of PC Advisor